Our HistoryH

Aiming to provide medical services at international standards, Ankara Güven Hospital, established in 1974, presents a harmony of requirements of modern medicine and years of experience. High quality services that we provide in all aspects increase number of our patients and demands, while the responsibility that we carry for our patient rises.

Our story, which began as a small hospital in 1974, has reached a general hospital concept with a capacity of 251 beds, 12 operating theaters and personnel of specialists, practitioners, nurses and allied healthcare personnel in 40.000 meter square area. The pride of achievements motivates us to go further on and raise what we aim for the future. We carry on our path as we always keep in mind that our privilege is the TRUST that our patients feel...

Our VisionV

This is a globally renowned healthcare facility, because the healthcare we provide is modeled and referenced both in Turkey and around the world.

With our leader system, we pioneer to create, set and evaluate the opportunities of the sector. We tempt and incorporate qualified, expert and professional labor.

We are always above accepted customer satisfaction level and one step further than expectations. We create the expectations and demands. We add value to our partners and employees.

Our main character is based upon confidential communication.

Our MissionM

We are here to provide the highest quality healthcare service by integrating cutting edge technology with our knowledge and experience thanks to our experienced and expert staff; to provide continuing training, change and development programs in parallel with scientifically proven evidence-based practices and ethical values to add value to human life and to exceed the expectations; to create a trustful communication environment in every phase of our service based on the patient and employee safety; and to provide integrity of body, body and spirit.

Our Quality PolicyQ

Without compromising our core values, on the way to be institutionalized; to establish an operation and management system based on the concept of total quality supported by temporary international standards; continuously assessing and developing ourselves with the perpetual belief of we can be better without leaving the mentality of patient focused and medically ethical service; to organize our organizational structure and capacity according to requirements of ever changing and developing healthcare sector, in accordance with our vision, making the right choices of the areas to develop by following the sector and the world; always maintaining a close cooperation with the other players of the sector and contribute the development of the sector, to have cutting edge technology and equipment in all braches, to make use of all types of information technology to increase our knowledge and communication capability; to know that our substantial strength is our staff, to work with a staff that makes difference and to invest in training and personal development.


Güven hospital has been accredited four times by JCI (Joint Commission International), first on 2008, next on 2011, next on 2014 and then on 2017, which aims to increase patient safety and service quality, to create a safe environment for the patients and minimize the risks for patient and healthcare personnel by determining, implementing and maintaining terms.

Accreditation of JCI is accepted as an international quality evaluation and management organization. Accreditation of JCI aims to provide safety and quality culture in healthcare facilities and to continuously improve healthcare services and results.

Guven Education And Health FoundationG

Guven Education and Health Foundation was established on February 3, 2006 by the Board of Directors of Private Guven Hospital which is in service for 41 years in Ankara.

The Foundation, which has been operating with a view to give sustainable services to the disadvantaged section of the society, works in national and international ongoing projects in cooperation with public institutions and civil society organizations.

You can visit www.guvenvakfi.org.tr for detailed information about Güven Education and Health Foundation and its projects.

Subsidiary CompaniesC

BNK Information Technologies
Paris Caddesi No:64/8 Kavaklıdere - Ankara
T: (312) 457 25 41

Guven Education and Health Foundation
Paris Cad. 64/6 Kavaklıdere-Ankara
T: (312) 457 25 57
F: (312) 466 22 08

Güven Management and Social Services
Öz Ankara Sosyal Tesisleri 269/29 Gimat-Ankara
T: (312) 397 35 69
F: (312) 397 35 68

Company Type: Joint Stock CorporationJ

Central Registration System No: 0451001685100012
Trade Registry Office: Ankara
Trade Registration No. 81723
Address: Paris Caddesi No 58 Kavaklıdere / Ankara 06540
Phone: 0312 457 2525
Fax: 0312 468 8030
Subscribed Capital Amount: 20.000.000 TL
Paid Capital: 20.000.000 TL
Corporation Registry Date: 13.03.1991
Tax Identification Number: 451 001 6851
Website www.guven.com.tr
E-mail guven@guven.com.tr

Chairwoman of the Board Nüket Küçükel Ezberci
Deputy Chairwoman of the Board Banu Küçükel
Member of the Board Fikri Küçükel

Bank Account Numbers
Akbank/Yenişehir Branch Office
9238 TR82 0004 6000 6488 8000 0092 38
T.İş Bankası/Yıldız Commercial Clients Branch Office
9662 TR23 0006 4000 0014 3940 0096 62
Ziraat Bank./Ankara Tic.Kur.Şb.
39774868-5018 TR20 0001 0022 1139 7748 6850 18

Nursing Services Coordination Office

Health is the most valuable asset in human life. A human being, as a social asset, is able to provide required functions, be creative and to serve for the happiness of him /her, family and country is only possible by being healthy.

Improvement of health is a dynamic discipline which shows alterations parallel to current conditions, social changes and global events.

Nurses have the characteristic of being role models due to their professional liabilities, their lifestyle and social role and they exert an influence on the groups they serve with healthcare instructions they provide.

We, Nurses of Ankara Güven Hospital, keep going on our path to improve health based on our basic education, both theoretical and practical. We look out for our profession and show power of labor by our presentation of service, education, scientific researches, professional and social communions.

Message of General DirectorG

Aylin Yaman, M.D.
Our General Director

We are proud to combine ‘’ qualified human resources’’ and “experience’’, the two remarkable steps of healthcare, under the umbrella of `` TRUST’’. With our 40 years of experience and Güven family culture, we have learned to ask for more, and always to keep in mind that our core point is humanity while asking for more. We have developed our business discipline upon taking the right steps for healthy generations and to touch each and every moment of the human life. As we believe that each and every individual deserves a quality healthcare, we have set our goal to MANAGE YOUR HEALTH, not to manage the hospital.

Medical Services H

An institution offering private health care can survive for 40 years, always growing and aiming at better, but with the sense of "TRUST" it creates in patients. The Trust Hospital, which has achieved great success in its field without compromising patient safety, ethical values and service quality, is made up of competent, full-time physician staff serving in all branches, and other health workers and administrative staff serving with a complete team approach. Our most important task is to make sure every patient who visits our hospital for any reason is always in "SAFE" hands.

Information Services DirectorateI

A properly built informatics basis creates an advantage of a true perspective and fast decision making for a dynamic and self consistent institution. A reliable technical basis, in accordance with our patients’ expectations, is a natural result and requirement of our mission.

As the Directorate of Information Systems of Güven Hospital;

The common point of our activities and efforts is our patients,

We maintain the effective team work and open communication with mutual confidence and respect,

To invest our workers and technology for continuous development is an indivisible part of our policy,

It is our mission to make the value that we added to our partners with our knowledge and productiveness continuous.

Biomedical and Technical Services Coordination OfficeB

The principle “The beginning of everything is a safe facility in providing healthcare services” directs us for every work we do. We are on duty to make Güven Hospital, our facility, a place which is worth its name, reliable, livable, far from dangers and accidents. We had better see this thought as the most clear expression of our care and attentiveness to human life and dignity and our respect to our work.

We are aware of the fact that the only way for our patients to regain their health is making their diagnosis and examinations properly and in time. Thus, we attach importance to not only the infrastructure systems of our facility such as electricity and water but also the care and calibration services of medical devices which are the indivisible parts of healthcare services and we do these works in annual plans and in time.

Our only aim will be giving a patient-oriented healthcare support service that gives the utmost importance to the satisfaction of patients while we are watching the dynamics of healthcare sector and immediately adjusting the changes.

Directorate of EducationE

As the department of Educational Administration which is one of the fundamental parts of healthcare sector like every other sectors, we are the ones who are working for identifying the needs of education directed to the Güven Hospital personnel, planning, conducting and evaluating the trainings regarding to the identified targets.

In this direction, it is our primary duty to increase the productivity, working quality of our workers and contribute their personal development. We are a team that closely follows the social and technologic developments, works for the satisfaction of patient, patient relatives and workers, adopts the perspective of service with international quality standards, aims to make a difference in the sector without sacrificing our ethical principles in any condition.

Coordinatorship of Patient and Accomodation ServicesA

We are a pioneer lesion of service in Güven Hospital whose aim is to give you comfortable service for 7 days 24 hours and competes with itself for better.

We are the owner of the warm voice that you reach when you call our appointment service. We are your family in the hospital who welcomes, guides and accompanies you at the time you step to Güven Hospital. We are the ones who ease and fasten your Inpatient and Discharge procedures and make you feel at home. We are the ones who welcome you when you reach to Emergency Service and provide you a good care. We are the dynamic consultants who are always be with you, enlighten, inform and direct you in policlinic.

We are the creative kitchen team who meticulously prepares the foods special for you and your diet and give great importance to hygiene. We are the fast and kind service team who serves your home-made likely food close by you within the day.

We are ready to serve you in every point of Güven Hospital.

Reputation ManagementR

As the Department of Reputation Management, our primary targets are to protect and rise the reputation of the brand Güven Hospital and its partners in every written and visual media elements and digital platforms with the motto “Trust in Health”. You can find every institutional communication materials that we as Reputation Management Department prepared with our doctors for you our valuable guests, your relatives, and all the people that want to reach healthy information under the roof of Güven Healthcare Group. Furthermore, we will continue to organize our scientific activities to enlighten the future and promote and support Turkish Physicians for qualified scientific researches with Aysun-Ahmet Küçükel Medical Prizes.

We will continue to be always one step forward with your trust that does not change and passes down from generation to generation for 41 years.

Institution and Housekeeping ManagementH

We are working for protecting the cleanness and order of our hospital with our qualified, experienced and well-educated personnel and machines, equipments and chemicals in international standards, cooperation with all the departments especially the department of infection within the scope of infection control program and with the awareness of the safety of patients/patients’ relatives and workers.

Directorate of Purchasing and Equipment ManagementP

Our directorate is responsible for purchasing all the required equipment, material and services that Güven Hospital and Güven Çayyolu Healthcare Campus need to maintain their services effectively and delivering them to the consumers. Our directorate includes two departments as Purchasing and Material Management. Our department realizes all its activities by taking the general mission of the hospital into consideration, adapting to the developing technology, taking care to the patients’ security and health with the help of our expert staff.

Introduction ActivitiesT

Providing high-level clinical medical services and modern medical technology facilities being offered at Güven Hospital and Güven Çayyolu Health Campus, which are in charge of promoting all health care institutions, especially those in need of our society and other health care We are a team. In addition to informing the public about the possibilities for advanced treatment of the diseases of our purposes, our activities are to carry out the bridge between them and our hospital for all kinds of demands, complaints and needs of these institutions and our patients. Our vision is to ensure that our patients receive the best health care by increasing cooperation and coordination between our hospital and institutions.

Directorate of Medical Record and ArchiveP

We undertake our responsibilities related to the high-level healthcare services provided in our hospital, with putting our communication that we build on Güven Hospital, our experiences and culture which makes the requirement of change a need, putting the patient rights and ethical values to the center and with the aim of providing the satisfaction of our Patinets/Relatives at the highest level. We are aware of our responsibility to control the medical information and documents in a way that is in accordance with the laws and obligations, archiving them and providing them for a redispose.

Güven Hastanesi

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