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Mission, Vision and ValuesM

Welcome to Human Resources Coordination Office..

Our mission: We, all employees, are here to share our interest equally, analyze job definitions and priorities for all job positions and improve skills and qualifications by increasing motivation based on the philosophy “providing since support and counseling round the clock” and to add value to the organization and human life, all in strict concordance with the our approach, which emphasizes compliance to ethics and legal rules, team work, objective and holistic quality and continuous improvement.

Our vision: In the light of mission and vision statements of the hospital, to attract, develop and maintain a qualified and expert professional labor force in the organization.

To go beyond the employee satisfaction and to be a leading healthcare institution with respect to Human Resources management and fundamental processes.

To create a unique environment of “Güven (trust)”, not only in Turkey but also in the world.

Human Resources Management – Our Values

Confidentiality principle

Principle of clarity

Principle of equality To distribute its love, knowledge and discipline equally to all employees.

Principle of Priority: To analyze priorities of our hospital, our department, our units and all of our employees meticulously.

“We” spirit: To adopt and promote “we”, rather than “I” as a corporate culture.

To approach our employers in the work environment in consistent with positions in the organization and with their relevant relations.

Communication: Communication with all employees 24 hours a day.

We have team values of

Ever development,


Knowing and protecting goals,

Being open to change,




Trustful and trustworthy,


Adopting Win & Win & Let them win.

Management of Training, Change and DevelopmentT

Training and development activities in our hospital are carried out in 8 main categories, including vocational and technique, general supportive (fire, hospital disaster plan, electrical safety…), personal development (healthy communication skills, boomerang effective leadership, effective presentation methods…), orientation, on-the-job trainings, scientific activities, seminars available to all our guests (diabetes training, pregnancy training…) and patient& patient relative trainings.

“Training and Development Department”, that adopted the mission of supporting both individual and corporate development in order to make contributions to corporate vision, serves our employees, patient & patients’ relatives and guests with a wide range of subjects with approximately 250-300 different titles of trainings per year.

Our training staff is comprised of our specialized hospital staff by 90% to make use of internal resources.

Training requirement analyses are handled, planned, organized and realized in the most effective way, in the light of one-on-one interviews with department managers, SWOT analyses and action plans of both medical and paramedical processes, performance management system, competence based objective and action plans, career management system analyses and development opportunities, feed backs from patients & patients’ relatives (guests), required and demanded medical and paramedical areas of expertise for hospital strategies in the light of assessment of scientific committee, seminars, congresses and scientific activities.

Main goal of our training and development activities is that all sharing should lead to self awareness at side of participants primarily to add value on their personal and professional lives, resulting with bringing to practice, in order to move forward to ensure continuity of our service quality that exceeds the expectancies of our patients & patients’ relatives, and to make us faster than yesterday to keep pace with conditions in the light of rapidly progressing and changing dynamics.

Orientation and On-The-Job Training SystemO

Orientation and on-the-job trainings are planned for all beginners of our hospital. Objective of our Orientation System is to convey our hospital’s mission, vision and values, organizational structure, corporate culture, working principles, fundamental working policies, employee health and safety, hand sanitization, basic life support guidelines, disposal management, emergency action plans, hospital management system, call center and communication network, quality management system, corporate communication activities, and dynamics of performance management systems to new members of the family, who will make us stronger.

Affiliates of our hospital are made familiar with beginners, and they are introduced to other employees and their adaptation process is made easy, along with the physical space orientation program. For employees, who complete general and department-specific orientation, “On-The-Job Training” phase starts. Until they reach the competency to fulfill their duties and responsibilities on their own in the department they are assigned, detailed on-the-job training is provided, which is supervised by department manager and/or experienced team members, extending to 5-6 months in some of our departments, including training titles, such as department dynamics, organizational structure, quality documents, forms used, department-specific SWOT analysis, department’s mission, other departments which require cooperation frequently, problems encountered and solution recommendations, technical support system, hospital communication network and etc… Following this on-the-job training phase, based on the agreement between the manager and our employee regarding the performance goals and powers, a basic ground is prepared in accordance with the efficient working environment and business development approaches.

We believe that, our motivational activities, starting with the trainings to support personal and organizational development and to increase efficiency and performance and continuing with the change, are necessary and beneficial for our employees at all levels.

Career Management and Business Development SystemC

The purpose of Career Management System is to enable our employees move forward in positions where they can be successful. In this end, performance of employees is evaluated and the areas with improvement need are determined, they are improved with training and thus, quality human resource, required by the organization, is achieved.

The purpose of Job Family Modeling is to create an environment where primarily payroll management system and all other human resources systems, such as performance evaluation and career planning, are robustly operated by determining work-loads and competencies of each position in our hospital.

Payroll Management SystemP

Payroll management system in our hospital is based on the business evaluation and performance management.

The purpose of the system is to manage salaries to keep them higher than to attract the required human resources to our hospital.


You can define the position that you want to apply in our hospital in your Curriculum Vitae (with photo);

** and e-mail to:,

** or send to the address: Ankara Güven Hastanesi A.Ş. / İnsan Kaynakları Müdürlüğü Paris Cad.64/7 Kavaklıdere /Ankara by post or in person.

** Or fax to number (312) 457 28 80.

Information: (312) 457 2767 – 2766 - 2747 – 2768

What is Human Resources ManagementHR

In this section;
Aims of Human Resources Management
Functions of Human Resources Management
Position of Human Resources Management in our Institution and Relations with Other Functions
Human Resources Management is the process of employing, improving and motivating qualified and competent work force with technical skills and supervising them with performance measurement process. It implies creating the work force we need in most efficient and effective way in accordance with our vision and mission. It is putting into effect plans, programs and strategies that are created for developing, rewarding and maintaining the work force. It is the whole of activities that are done in legal framework and in accordance with environmental conditions.
It is the discipline that aims the true management of our “Human” resources.
Our Organization Management System defines the “Requirements” of positions, while Performance Management System defines “Qualifications” of staff at these positions. Results of comparing position requirements with qualifications and analyses of these outcomes form the basis of our “Human Resources Management” system.
Aims of Human Resources Management
To benefit from capacity of our employees, as required, with the understanding of moral and social responsibility and to improve their contributions to our organization,
To enhance effective usage of human resources and work force performance with the help of motivation and encouragement programs,
To increase quality of work life and raise satisfaction and health of our employees,
To boost organizational efficiency with personnel-organization and health/education psychology methods,
To conduct studies that encourage teamwork and total quality,
To lay foundations of proper organization culture.
Functions of Human Resources Management
Determination of Human Resources Policy
Personnel Organization
Planning of Job Family Modeling (Role and Job Definitions)
Human Resources Planning
Performance Management (Determining the Competency Vocabulary)
Payroll Management (Job Family Modeling)
Training and Development Management
Motivation Management
Quality Management
Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Information Management
Vision Management
360-degree Applications
Measurement and Analysis of Employee Satisfaction
Legal Conformity and Loyalty to Legal Processes
Position of Human Resources Management in our Institution and Relations with Other Functions
Determination of human resources policy,
Personnel organization,
Personnel Planning and Recruitment
Performance management,
Payroll management,
Training management,
Counseling services available to all employees
Motivation management,
Quality management,
Personnel Affairs.
As Human Resources Management, we care for the activities that are about relations with the organization.
For an effective staff structure in our hospital;
Employees are chosen and employed according to their qualifications and personal competencies; personal development and improvement opportunities are provided.
We, Human Resources Management, give advices to other directors and help them with every issue about human in processes of staffing, development and supervision.
Our department has an important role in activities such as choosing personnel, orientation, training etc. It plays role of "staff officer" as an advisor at all stages.
It deals with our employees in job environment with reference to position in business organization and relations.
While using the human force and resource in most effective and efficient way, it also takes personal material and nonmaterial benefits of employees into account.
Every effort is made for benefiting from and continuously developing skills, information and experiences of employees. Guidance is provided for benefiting from, encouraging and protecting human resources. “Personal Coaching" is the most important part of our mission in the Department of Human Resources Management.

"Güven Academy"
Our Certificated Training ProcessesA

“Güven Academy” training programs, which each employee attends in a preplanned manner, is organized under the title of “Healthcare Services Management” and these programs are available to and covers employees of paramedical department that supports our medical staff such as patient consultants, medical secretaries, marketing experts and call center staff.

Güven Academy training program is maintained with the aim of both occupational & technical and personal development, and it lasts 6 weeks and covers activities lasting around 60 hours in 40 different main topics. Trainer staff of the academy is recruited from the hospital. A certification exam is made at the end of training in order to determine target level and improve awareness, and certificates are given to successful attendants by senior managers with a ceremony.

Performance Management SystemP

The aim of Performance Management System in our hospital is to maintain the continuous development of both organizational and human resources performance in our companies. Data derived from Performance Management System are used as a main input to put into force the Payroll Management, Career Management, Reward and Training Systems.
It defines a standard method for maintaining performance management activities that are related to development of our hospital and employees, assessment of our employees regarding to their development by sharing it with every employee of our hospital.
Assessing the personality, skill and attitude profiles that comply with our policy, vision, mission and strategies and bring added-value with fair and measurable performance processes and systems; and thus;
For our personnel;
** Revealing strong skills, along with ones which require improvement,
** Reaching a mutual understanding about the support and cooperation that they deserve and expect from the director.
** Determining the training they need for doing their job more efficiently and -more importantly- more effectively and with personal benefits 
Comparing the Hospital/Department targets,
** Planning the required preliminary preparations for the next responsibility and/or career step,
** Rewarding the outstanding success and performance, in comparison with ones with lower performance, with systematic material contributions are aimed.
Targets of work and effectiveness are set for employees and they are assessed at the end of the process.
“There is no bigger inequality than behaving non-equivalent people as if they are equal."

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