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Information and WelcomingW

Our Information and Welcoming team will welcome you from your first step into our hospital and assist you with everything in the hospital process. Our patients and companions may hand in their safekeeping items to our Information and Welcoming Kiosk.

Daily newspapers and magazines are delivered to our inpatients by our information and welcoming team,

Valet and Parking ServicesP

Thanks to our Valet Parking service, you can easily drive with your own vehicle and leave it to our valet and carry on to your hospital works without losing time on finding a parking lot.

Food and Beverage ServicesF

Our hospital has 4 cafeterias, including 2 in Block A, one in Block B and one in Block D, and an A La Carte Restaurant at the lobby section of Block C.

We serve 24-hour room service for our guests.

Birth PhotographersB

We eternalize the moment you meet your baby.

We photograph your pre-birth excitements and the miracle at the moment of delivery. For detailed information;

0312 457 25 17
0312 457 25 60
0312 457 25 62
You can reach us from the phone numbers above.

Room DecorationsB

We provide room decoration services for our guests who will perform delivery at our hospital.

You may request further information about our Birth room decoration services by calling 457 25 25 / 1040.

It is kindly requested that the guests, who request room decoration services, inform us by calling the phone numbers stated above ,one week before hospitalization.

Park Lot ServicesP

Thanks to our Valet Parking service, you can easily drive with your own vehicle and leave it to our valet and carry on to your hospital works without losing time on finding a parking lot.

Guven BoutiqeB

Güven Boutique, which serves for our visitors and relatives within our hospital is located at the entrance floor of Block C.

Sleepwear – Men /Women
Nightgown, robe-de-chambre
Underwear – Men /Women
Socks (socket, thin, kids, men, women)
Baby clothes (premature, 0 -3 months)
Personal Care products men / women (deodorizer, cream, shampoo, hair cream, body lotion, cologne etc.)
Baby care products (feeding bottle, pacifier, shampoo, soap, bathrobe, towel, loin cloth etc.)
Medical products (Neck collar, varice socks, splint etc.)
Room decoration products (door decorations, candies, basket, pillow, chocolate etc.)
Souvenirs (evil eye talisman, wooden boxes, frames, diary etc.)
Sunglasses for babies
For mothers who gave birth (breast pad, breasrfeed adapter etc.)
Newspapers, magazines, books,
Dry cleaning

Our inpatients may request information upon our Dry Cleaning Services by calling 1410.


Our patients may call 1410 internal number to reach our laundry service.

Guven LibraryL

Guven library is ready to serve its visitors with more than 1500 books, including personal development, novel, history, health, poetry, English and other genre of books. If you would like to use our library, please contact our Human Resources and Education Department.We kindly request that the books are returned to the responsible personnel at the service after being read, in order to make it possible for use of other visitors too.

If you would like to donate books to our library, please contact our Human Resources and Education Department by calling "457 25 25 / 2765 – 2766 – 2767 -2768".

Patient and Visitor GuideG


Reception - Information (Porter / Concierge / Flower Vestry 1008

Patient Hospitalization Office: Block A- C: 2510 - 2511 – 2512 Block B- D: 2617 – 2618

Discharge Office: Block A- C: 2516 Block B- D: 2616

Supervisor Nurse 2665

Night Manager 2545

Hotel Services Coordinatorship 2507 – 1015

Patient Representation Department 2668

Security 1009

Park Lot Services 1012

International Patient Coordinatorship 2535 – 2515

Boutique 1040

Technical Services 845 (during work hours between 09:00 to 18:00) 1400 - 1450 (other hours)

What should you bring with you?

Please bring the below –mentioned items with you while visiting our hospital;

ID Card (National ID Card, drivers license or passport)
Your health Insurance card, medical dispatch note or health record, depending on your insurance
Related medical records, previous workup and images
All present medications or medication list

Patient Identity details

A valid identification card (national ID card, drivers license, passport) will be requested for your admittance to our hospital.

Your Room

You may ask the questions upon operation of the device and furniture in your room to your nurse and concierge.

Phone and TV services

The phones in your room are 24 hours ready for use You may place local, national and international calls. Your room can be called by adding ‘’457’’ to your room number (For example, If your room number is 2311, you may be reached directly by calling 457 23 11). To place out of hospital calls, please press 9, then dial the number you wish to call.

Guven Library

Guven library is ready to serve its visitors with more than 1500 books, including personal development, novel, history, health, poetry, English and other genre of books. If you would like to use our library, please contact our Human Resources and Education Department. We kindly request that the books are returned to the responsible personnel at the service after being read, in order to make it possible for use of other visitors too.

If you would like to donate books to our library, please contact our Human Resources and Education Department by calling "444 44 14 / 2765 – 2766 – 2767 -2768".

Personal and Valuable items

We recommend only to bring the items you will need. Please leave your valuable items at home or hand them to your relatives. Patients who do not have any possibility like this may hand in their valuable items to the Information and Welcoming Services managers by signing a record Hospital management takes no responsibility of items which are not handed in by signing a record. You may reach the Information and Welcoming Services managers by calling 1008 and 1015 between 07:00 to 21:00 hours.

Surgery Appointment and Information Center

Our consultants are responsible of providing you information and required referral about all examination, test, treatment and procedure prices provided at our hospital. Some changes may happen in your previously informed treatment plan, these changes will be informed to you and your treatment will be maintained depending on your approval.

You may contact the pricing office by calling 457 25 17 – 457 25 60 – 457 25 62.

Private Health Insurances

If you are holding a private health insurance policy, you should consider the below-stated factors;

Please check the validity date of your insurance card.
Please make sure that you have your ID Card (National ID Card, drivers license or passport) insurance card and your insurance policy are with you.
Please admit to our insurance kiosk at least 2 days earlier than your admittance to start your insurance process, excluding emergency situations.
Please make sure that the insurance documents are handed in to the patient concierge at the service in order to the insurance process is handled during emergency situations.
A provision will be obtained from your insurance company for the planned procedures. The purpose of the provision is to verify that the procedure is covered by your insurance policy.
In cases which the costs will be covered by your insurance company, your personal expenses (phone, cafeteria etc.) will be covered by you.
Your discharge process may take approximately up to 1 to 2 hour, while your detailed invoice has to be elaborated and approved by the insurance official. Thank you for your understanding.

Visiting hours for the health of your patient:

Visiting Hours: Every day between 09.00 to 21:00.

Visiting angiography patients after the procedure is not allowed regarding the patients’ health.

Physician approval is required for Intensive Care patient visits. Medical information upon patients who are hospitalized at the intensive Care Unit is only provided to first degree relatives.

General Intensive Care Unit

Visiting Hours: 10:30 – 11:00 / 20:00 – 20:30
Information Hours: 17:00 – 17:30

Neonatal ICU

Visiting Hours: 10:00 – 11:00 / 14:00 – 15:00

Acceptance of Attendant

One attendant can be accepted for suite and single rooms at our hospital. Attendant is not allowed in double rooms ( attendant may be allowed in double rooms in special conditions upon approval of physician and the hospital management).

The patients, who admit to receive Inpatient Service, is given an attendant card against an ID card by the inpatient services department during hospitalization procedures.

The attendant cards are returned to the inpatient services department, the patients’ ID is returned to the patient or patients’ relative.

On cases which the newborns should be monitored at the service, a second person may stay as an attendand alongside the mother in the single rooms (since mother gave birth recently).

When a patient and/or relative requests an attendant, they are informed about the regulations of the insurance company which they are covered.

Most of the companies pay the attendant fee only if an attendant is required on physicians request. On situations that an attendant is not required or optional for the patient relatives, the patient and / or relatives will be informed upon the attendant fees which will be paid. ‘’Attendant Follow-up Form’’ will be signed if it is accepted.

Attendant follow-up is performed by the medical secretary with a Attendant Follow-up Form’’ which is separately filed for each patient. On other times than visit hours, attendant follow-up is performed by the service nurse.

Rules For Visitors And Attendants:

No flowers are allowed in patient rooms. The flowers which are sent or brought by the visitors will be received by the concierge at the inpatient kiosk. A three copy flower card is documented by the information and welcoming service personnel in order to avoid confusion of the flowers. Two copies (one to be kept at the hospital after the flower is redeemed) are attached to the flower and one copy is delivered to the patient and / or relative. The flowers will be redeemed by the patient or relative with the ‘’Flower Card’’.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the hospital builfing regarding health of our patients. If the patient or relatives wish to smoke, they will be directed by the ‘’Smoking Instruction’’.

Food delivery to the services from out of the hospital is forbidden.

Visit of minors younger than the age of 10 to the hospital rooms are forbidden. In special conditions, approval will be granted by the chief physician or the deputy general manager.

Our Rules

  1. It is kindly requested that minor visitors are not brought along.
  2. Attendants are only allowed in single rooms.
  3. Food or beverage which are brought from outside are not allowed in the inpatient services.
  4. SMOKING IS FORBIDDEN inside the hospital. Three cafeterias, including two indoor and one outdoor, are located in our buildings at Paris st. and Şimşek st. Smoking is allowed at Şelale Café, which is our outdoor cafeteria.
  5. Flowers are not allowed in inpatient services regarding regulations of the Infection Control Commity.
  6. Attendants and visitors are required to request visitor cards from the information kiosk regarding patient and personnel security.

Request and Recommendations

Our patient representative will periodically visit you in your room each day. You can address your request and recommendations to the Patient Services Director or Patient Representative during work hours, and to the night manager at off-work hours.

Patient Services Directorate: 457 25 20 – 457 22 96
Patient Representation Department: 457 26 68 – 457 25 25 / 3134
Night Manager: 457 25 45

You may address your opinion, request and recommendations by filling and giving the Patient Request and Recommendation forms in your room to the patient representative.

Other Provided Services:

• A’la Carte Restaurant *
Wireless Internet Connection
Ironing and laundry *
Transportation Services *
Translation – Interpretation Services
Room Decoration Services *
Post-Hospital Home Care Services *
Park Lot Services
Food & Beverage Services *: 2507 (Food and beverage service will be provided for you and your visitors from our special menu that you will choose from)
DVD Options *: 2768
Coiffeur services are provided on request. *: 2507

Services with * are paid services.

You can contact the patient representative by calling 457 26 68 for other requests.

Rights and Responsibilities of Patien`s RelativesR

Since the healthcare has vital importance, rights and responsibilities of people are uncompromisible. Ankara Güven Hospital deems it a duty to inform you about your rights and responsibilities that it guarantees to oblige. Healthy days.

This information document is prepared to explain and inform about the patients`, whose diagnosis and treatment procedure are applied in Ankara Güven Hospital, at the same time whose diagnosis and treatment procedure are applied in a healthcare institution/foundation (examination center or hospital) contractual with Ankara Güven Hastanesi and healthcare and treatments are maintained at home by Ankara Güven Hastanesi Home Care Department, and their relatives’ rights that they must have are guaranteed to be obliged by Ankara Güven Hospital. And this information document is prepared under "Patient Rights Regulation with number 23420.

Every individual who applies our institution for diagnosis and treatment can demand their rights that are put in writing by Patient’s and Family’s Rights Committee which is active in our Hospital in any stage and ask for this document to learn. The document that is mentioned is introduced in every instructional document and patient appeals to the patients and kept available all the time to be given in any demand.

1. Every individual that applies to our institution, no matter what their physical, intellectual and social features are, has the right to have opportunities of treatment and rehabilitation at the highest level.

1.1. Patients and their relatives have the right of active participation at any stage of care/treatment.

1.2. Our patients have the right to choose their physician and/or healthcare institution and change it at any stage of the treatment on condition that they meet the procedures and requirements of the regulation they are subject to. Our patients can demand the maintaining of their procedures in any other institution while they are in the process of diagnosis or treatment in our institution, a contractual center or diagnosis and treatment at home.

1.3. In addition to the documents that are mandatorily given to the patient, all the medical records that are prepared until that time are given to the patient or sent to the new institution where the procedures will be maintained by Ankara Güven Hospital Medical Statistics and Archive Department in the utmost urgency.

When deemed necessary, the appointed physician of our institution/home care department is obliged to verbally inform the new institution. In judicial cases "Instruction on Judicial Cases” is followed.

1.4. Our staff cannot apply a therapy that is against the medical application rules and principles or fallacious to our patient.

1.5. Our patients and the relatives are encouraged to donate their organs and other tissues.

1.6. Our patients are informed by consultant physician or home care physician(s) for home care patients free of charge in case they ask for information about their health problems and general health issues.

2. - Right to Be Respected: Our patients have the right to take examinations, learn diagnosis and receive therapy in a respectful, kind, compassionate and cheerful atmosphere with protection of their dignity every time and in any condition.

3. Right of Privacy:

3.1. Our patients have the right to reject talking to or seeing people that do not have any formal relation with our institution or in spite of having formal relation do not have the direct relation with the patient`s treatment including visitors.

3.2. Our patients have the right to ask for adequate visual and auditory confidentiality at the stage of their seeing the physician, their examination and their transportation.

3.3. The information taken by individuals apply to our institution are prevented to be confident also after their death. These information are disclosed to the related authorities only if there is a written and clear approval of patient or a court order.

3.4. Our patients have right to look at their folders and take copies of medical folder information at any stage of their diagnosis and treatments in line with the our hospital procedures.

3.5. No information about patient’s private or family life can be obtained unless there is a medical necessity and permission from the patient.

3.6. Patients have right to ask for presence of a relative beside them if there is no medical obligation.


4. - Right to Be Informed About Identification: Our patients have the right to know the identifications, occupations and responsibilities of members of our institution that they are in contact with in our institution and their home.

5. Right to Request Information:

5.1. Patients have the right to receive information about complications and alternative treatments related to every stage of their diagnosis and treatment and possible course and unexpected results of their diseases unless it would negatively affect their health by themselves or heirs of law.

5.2. Information are given to the patient in a way that patient can understand clearly, not causing a hesitate and suspect and according to the psychological status of the patient.

5.3. The information related to the disease of a patient are given with the help of a translator if the main informed consent (approval) forms that are prepared by the institution in English are not sufficient/asked for in another language.

5.4. Information about the diseases are provided for the hearing-impaired patients by the contracted personnel who know sign language.

6. Receiving Patient’s Approval:

6.1. The patients or their heirs in law have the right to approve the decisions about their therapy after detailed information about what the recommended therapy, who provides the therapy, benefits of therapy, a death or serious adverse effect risks of therapy, alternatives of therapy, problems about remission, chance of success after therapy and cases that can occur if they do not receive therapy are given. Unless the patient is not of full legal age or is interdict (restricted) permission is taken from patient’s family or heir in law. In cases of life-critical emergency and non-presence of parents or heir in law or patient’s of stating this condition is not considered necessary.

6.2. If the legal approval of patient cannot be received (loss of consciousness, non-presence of anybody near the patient etc.) and the intervention is urgent, if the approval of representative cannot be taken, medical intervention can be done with the approval of at least two specialists.

6.3. In cases that the legal representative rejects to approve, if the doctor`s opinion is that the intervention will save the patient`s life, the decision, if the time is enough, is made by the court, arbitration board or similar authorities.

6.4. Except from medical obligations and the cases written in laws, the physical integrity or other personal rights of the patient cannot be violated.

7. Advise (Consultation) / Right to Have Second Opinion: If the patient asks for an opinion of another physician another physician from or out of hospital can be invited according to the Article 19 of "Regulation of Privately Owned Hospitals” dated on 11.03.2009 with number 27166. (With the demand of patient or first degree relatives and information of related physician). The treatment suggested within scope of consultation / second opinion can be started by healthcare professionals of Ankara Güven Hospital, if it is approved by primary physician.

8. Right of Right Assessment of Pain: Patient has right of right assessment and treatment of pain if pain exists. It is a main requirement to inform and train the patient in every stage of pain therapy.

9. Right to Reject the Planned Therapy:

9.1. Patient has right to reject the recommended therapy or want it to be ceased except from the legally mandatory cases and patient`s taking the responsibility of possible negative results.

9.2. What can be occur after patient’s rejection the therapy is told to the patient or heirs in law or relatives and a written document stating that it is understood.


9.3. In case the rejection of therapy by the patient with a written document, the diagnosis and treatment procedure that are maintained at home are ceased and the patient is discharged if the patient is an in-patient.

9.4. In case of a repetition of applying of the patient, who has rejected the therapy, patient still has the right to receive required medical care and therapy. The personnel of our institution cannot reproach and allude about the previous rejection of patient.

10. Examination and Therapy Expenses: Patients have the right to ask for the approximate expense for the services that will be provided in Ankara Güven Hospital and clear and detailed receipt of expenses for the services that have been provided.

11. Right to Receive Social and Psychological Support Our patients have the right to wear the clothes they want, use the symbols of their religious beliefs and do their rituals as long as it does not cause any obligation to the diagnosis procedure and treatment, receive social and psychological support, have companion and accept visitors with the information of their physician.

12. Patient Complaints / Conflicts:

12.1. Consideration of their complaints, starting of complaint mechanism, reviewing, concluding of their complaints and taking information about the results are the rights of our patients.

12.2. Our patients have the right to notify Patient Services Directorate of our hospital about their complaints related to patient rights on condition that right to apply to the related occupational institutions and courts are kept under the law number 6023. The demands and complaints of patients are evaluated and verbal or written feed-back is given by the Patient Representative and Deputy Chief Doctor Responsible for Patient Rights.

12.3. Patient can use the right of administrative and legal application if the administrative authorities cannot find a solution or the patient who applies does not accept the solution.

13. Rules and Applications of Ankara Güven Hospital:

13.1. The patient has the right to receive information about the rules and applications of the hospital and the home care unit crew that will be applied to the patient.

13.2. The patient can demand the completion, explanation, correction of missing, unclear and incorrect medical or personal information and bringing them compliance with the ultimate health status and personal status.
This right includes the right of objection to the related reports and demand a new report about the health status from the same or another institution.

14. Right to Have Benefit from Religious Services:

14.1. Ankara Güven Hospital takes necessary measures for their patients and patients` relatives to practice their religious duties freely.

14.2. In case of a need and for the patient that is close to death, the heir in law can call for a religious functionary for prompting and praying according to the religious requirements of the patient.

15. - Right to Have Visitor and Companion:

15.1. Our patient hospitalized in Ankara Güven Hospital has the right to accept visitor according to the procedures and principles determined by Ankara Güven Hospital.

15.2. Our patient hospitalized in Ankara Güven Hospital has the right to demand to have a companion on condition to be in accordance with the rules of our hospital and in situations that the physician approves.

16. Prohibition of Euthanasia: Euthanasia is not permitted. Right to live cannot be renounced for any kind of medical requirement and in any condition. Nobody’s life can be ended even if there is a demand from the person or another one.

17. Medical Caring:

17.1. Health personnel of Ankara Güven Hospital provides care the health status of patient requires. The personnel spend any effort to decrease or relieve the pain of patient even if it is impossible to save the life or protect the health of the patient.

17.2. The care at the end of life is respectful and compassionate as usual. The needs of a patient who is at the end of life are known and showed respect by the employees. All the treatments to relax the patient are performed, the pain is relieved, cultural, psychological and social support is provided for the patient’s family.

18. Right of Security:

18.1. All of our patients, their companions and visitors have right to expect security in our hospital, to be protected from physical attacks and ask for these.

18.2. Our hospital takes measures for protecting and providing the security of life and property of the patients, their companions and visitors. In case of necessity of personal security patient or the administration of hospital can call for official protection.

18.3. Protection of individuals who cannot protect themselves such as babies, children, physical and/or mental handicapped people, elders, comatouse patients, people with emotional instability, patients subject to restriction, emergent patients and victims of abuse and negligence is provided in our hospital.

18.4. Patients and their relatives have the right to ask for protection against theft, disappearance of their property.

19. Right of Healthcare Training: The patients who receive service at home are informed and educated about their health condition and current health services by Home Care Crew. Thus, their attendance to their own care procedure is provided.


The conscious patient should help the hospital employees about following issues;

1. Giving Information:

1.1. Patients should give clear and complete information about current complaints, history of diseases, whether they have been hospitalized before, the applied therapy, used medications and the issues related to their health. The patients are responsible from accuracy of all kinds of information they give to medical crew and any medical and legal responsibilities caused from incomplete and faulty information given by the patients belong to the patients.

1.2. Patients should notify the authorized doctor about any unexpected change which occurs during and after the treatment.

1.3. Patients should state whether they truly understand the expectations from themselves regarding to the procedures to be done and carefully read and sign the “Informed Consent Documents" prepared for them.

2. Rejecting the Planned Therapy:

- The patient is personally responsible for all outcomes of refusing the treatment and failing to fulfill recommendations.

3. Expenses of Examination and Treatment:

The patient should state in which way the healthcare expenses will be paid and by which payment institutions are used during the application to the health institution.

4. Rules and Applications of Health Institution:

4.1. Patients and their relatives should obey the rules and applications determined by health institution, listen the warnings and they should not behave in the way that can cause complaints and discomfort of other patients.

4.2. The properties of patients should not be removed from hospital.

5. Showing Respect:

5.1. The patients should strictly respect rights of hospital personnel and other patients.

5.2. Patients should obey the measures that the administration of health institution take in case of threats to the safety of patients such as noise, smoke and extreme number of visitors.

5.3. Patients should come to their appointments at time or else they should state that they do not come. Coming to the appointment at time will fasten the running of hospital. Patients should help their consultant for the new appointment schedule if they do not attend their appointment and do not inform their consultant/physician about the situation.

6. Unsuitable Request: Patients should not demand the prescription of any medicine or performing of any application that is not considered suitable by the authorized doctor and is not in the treatment plan.

7. Patient Visitor:

7.1. Patient who have been hospitalized should accept their visitors in the fragment of rules that are determined by health institution.

7.2. The hospitalized, conscious patient should help the Ankara Güven Hospital administration for the following issues.

7.2.1. Patients should not want the visitors to bring food or drink in any ways and should not accept what they bring.

7.2.2. More than two visitors should not be accepted at the same time.

7.2.3. Patients should prevent the visitors from using the belongings of them and other patients and sitting on the patient beds.

7.2.4. As a requirement of infection control program child visitors should not be allowed to come to the hospital.

7.2.5. As a requirement of infection control program visitors should not bring flowers to the patient floors.

7.2.6. Smoking is not allowed in the hospital. In case of a demand to smoke from visitors or relatives they should be directed to the open areas that are separated to smoke by consulting to the hospital authorities.

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